01 August 2009

a new york bake sale, circa 1895

jonah and i just received a huge box of goodies from my mother with old family ephemera, cook books, quilts, old aprons, and other goodies. knowing that jonah is an avid pickler and beginner bread maker she included cook books with old recipes and historical culinary stories. flipping through america eats, forms of edible folk art i came across this picture and fell in love with it... the canopy tent is my favorite part and the little girl's hair bow is awesome. as i walk through the farmers market today i am going to imagine what it would be like if all of the vendors had set ups like this. and i might just need to add this image to my wedding inspiration folder.

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Kristina said...

this is so sweet. Em mentioned something about going into the storage unit. I'm glad you get to enjoy some of the unearthed treasures.