28 December 2011

holiday sparkles

greene avenue glitters...

happy holidays!!

warm winter wishes to all!!

19 December 2011

the weekend!

a very quick weekend that included a 3rd annual steak dinner with some friends. this year we tried quality meats in midtown... and it was delicious! before dinner i insisted on showing jonah this particular squirrel in one of bergdorf's holiday windows. it's extended legs crack me up :)

18 December 2011

rye whiskey

cute wedding... on top of a mountain

a few years ago i would look at wedding blogs daily in preparation for my special day. i haven't browsed them in awhile but i stumbled upon this charming, simple, and beautiful wedding today...

the jolly breakfast ring

a holiday tradition...

14 December 2011

13 December 2011

hearts for bokeh hearts

here is a great how to for creating different bokeh shapes! these images are so pretty...

atypical tuesday morning

i'm working this saturday so I have a rare weekday off. I actually set my alarm for 4:30 am so I could appreciate the awesomeness of sleeping in. :) (which I did until 8!) And then took a quick walk to bedford hill coffee shop with jonah and teddy for coffee and pastries. my to do list today: finish holiday shopping, watch an episode or two of felicity, and RELAX!

11 December 2011

weekend of leisure

this weekend has been lovely and relaxing! friday evening jonah and i attended the secret science club's 6th annual "carnivorous nights taxidermy contest." which was amazing and i think jonah is inspired for next years contest! a saturday morning a trip to dean and deluca for some xmas stocking stuffers. and then saturday night started with a racquet club cocktail followed by dinner at do or dine, a skip away from our house. and sunday morning gift wrapping and now cozy music listening on the sofa... yay weekends!