21 December 2009

teddy's first snow day

*booties are to protect against the salted sidewalks & coat because of crazy shivering. function over fashion... but it makes us smile.

a few of my favorite things (vintage wrapping supplies)

i always collect bits and baubles and eventually use them for wrapping gifts (or some i just admire because they are too pretty to part with!)...

20 December 2009

all wrapped up

i finished my holiday wrapping!! this year i used navy bias cut fabric ribbon, silver sparklers, brown boxes, and craft paper. i picked up these discarded rolls of blue bias cut fabric in downtown la. I couldn't leave them as i saw them near the fabric scrap dumpster one day at work last year. the silver sparklers actually were previously part of a x-mas light set. I picked up a huge bag of them at a thrift store a few years ago and use them every year for adding sparkle to wrapping!and i had a special helper who just wanted to play!

19 December 2009

holiday cheer

holiday cheer has been brewing in our cozy apartment...

a walk in the woods... 3 abandoned houses

on thanks giving weekend we to a long walk in the woods in pomona, ny and came across three abandoned houses...

1. the mid century modern house. previously used for a summer camp this house is amazing with all of the built in details, and it's in the woods with a stream running along the back side of it. it was locked but we managed to peek inside to see all of the 50's details. this is the type of house i dream of buying and restoring...
2. the early 90's modern house. this house is frozen in mid-construction with tools and materials still on the site. this was so eerie to see and there isn't even a road to this site... it's just in the middle of the woods all by itself! it would have been an awesome completed house...3. the boarded up house. this house was scary. we managed to go in the back door and it was as if some one was living there not to long ago. it was empty, but the bizarre part was there was refrigerator that was stocked with really old beers. oh, and i saw real live holly with berries... so cute!