30 July 2008

pink pretties

pink things always catch my eye. these flowers have surrvived a couple of moves. pink pretties...

29 July 2008

jewelry candy: alligator coil bracelet

watching a bit of shark week tonight on the discovery channel made me want to put on this bracelet. not exactly a shark but it will do... thanks kenneth jay lane.

book candy: memoraBEALEia

i can hardly wait to get a copy of this book...

27 July 2008

weekend candy

trying to sort through my piles...

dressing it up-with edits

i can never get enough bows and ruffles...

to do... this one needs to be shortened. at the moment it is 80's tea length. with a snip and a hem it will be good to go.

24 July 2008

article candy: when perfect is not the goal

every child's dream...

you can see more from the ny times slide show and read the article here.

14 July 2008

candy candy: alexis mabille et ladurée

today i came across this!
thanks to scout holiday! yum.

13 July 2008

fashion candy: treizeor by alexis mabille

true bow love can be found here. and they are unisex!

12 July 2008

art candy: playing the building

i heard about david byrne's project on npr yesterday. it is at the the battery maritime building in nyc. check it out here.

shoe candy

new shoes.

10 July 2008

memphis style for mel

this awesome necklace was posted on the decades blog

it is described a "memphis" style jewelry. it made me think of studying furniture styles with my dear friend mel. at the time i convinced her that i was going to start collecting memphis style furniture because at the time it seemed like the underdog style. she thought i was crazy. maybe i should start collecting memphis style furniture now. i would start with this...

love it or loathe it, memphis style with its color and kitsch is back

08 July 2008

collecting candy: wedgwood jasperware

i have always been attracted to the classic blue wedgwood jasperware. i love the smooth unglazed porcelain with the cameo-like classic scenes. pretty textured lovelies...

wedgwood today

02 July 2008

fashion candy: erin fetherston

pretty petals. on oldy (sp 07) but goody...
erin fetherston

tickled pink

yummy food at jitlada in hollywood. but i was fascinated with the the decor when i went to the ladies' room. great attention to detail. notice the styrofoam in the silk plant. and the shiny scotch tape applied to hold up the pink wallpaper border. girls like pink, therefore decorate with pink. not. but the effort is undeniably charming...