20 December 2012

some holiday cheer

baking, wrapping, and wearing hearts!

01 December 2012

bundled up

waiting for the train in my cozy pendleton poncho.

29 November 2012

hustle and bustle

a pre-7am exciting siting on my walk from the subway to work. i can't wait to get our tree this weekend!

Oh hello!

it's been a long time!! i hope everyone had a lovely thanksgiving! jonah and i had a nice time in sky view with family.  it's always nice to get out of the city for a day or two.

05 April 2012

19 March 2012

moscow mule time

the sun started shining last week!
purchased copper tumblers the week before. friday night fish tacos. this all pointed to moscow mules!

12 March 2012

cape cod bits

a scent memory

the smell of strawberries and fresh cut poppies wrapped in newspaper in the VW bus in the california sun as a kid. a weekend tradition of driving along the coast on the bumpy road to to annie's stand at abalone cove. the stand is no longer there, but the beautiful coast is.

04 March 2012

weekend pics

fun-fun, all weekend long...

28 January 2012

friday fun day

a rare weekday off with my hubby... brunch at barney greengrass and an afternoon wandering through the natural history museum = heaven.

01 January 2012

cheers to the new year!

i hope everyone rang in the new year with loved ones! here's to an exciting year ahead!! and here are some pretty soiree images...

The Harvest Moon from Kelly Cuadra on Vimeo.

Blossom Party for Japan from Hype Vandals on Vimeo.

Christmas in the Silent Forest from Hype Vandals on Vimeo.