02 June 2009

obsessed with rislan & rattan french cafe chairs

searching for the perfect stools for my kitchen work table the first thing that came to mind are the rislan and rattan french cafe chairs. a bit pricey but amazingly customizable in any color and weave. the authentic ones are custom made in france, hence the big price. i first fell in love with these years ago at maison midi in LA.
i know of a few places that offer the custom chairs from france. TK collections, Maison Gatti, poitoux, and HK designs. Check out TK collection's custom weave program where one can dream up endless color combos for all of the amazing weaves. here are my choices...so since these custom french ones are out of my price range at $1000 A POP i might look into finding budget versions like these or these. hmmmmmm? the search continues...


capsud said...

Maison Midi and HK Designs do not have the Originals handmade French Cafe Chairs, they only have very bad
knock offs

merci said...

My obsession with rislan and rattan cafe chairs led me to your wonderful blog. Thankyou! I spent a long while looking at your blog and pix....really fun and beautiful...keep it up!

Barry said...

The post by Capsud is utter rubbish. French cafe chairs were inspired by the designs of Michael Thornet. An Austrian-German furniture maker. Chair weaving originated in ancient Egypt and weaved rattan seats were widely found in China during the imperial period.

It is thus fair to say that by pointing accusations, Capsud is itself involved in plagarism. I dare them to say that their methods and designs are not a derivative of Michael Thornet.

Furthermore, the material they use,
Polyamide 11, or Rilsan, is a material patented by French chemical company Arkema. At this point I would like to know in what way Capsud claims to be original in anyway. Whole lot of hogwash in my opinion.