05 March 2008

case study: vintage drinking glasses

here is the case... we all drink liquids so why not drink out of vintage drinking glasses. great for the usual... water, sweet tea, old fashioneds, mint juleps, cider, and the occasional shirley temple. trust me there is a cup out there for everyone's taste. if i see any vintage cup set at the thrift store it inevitably ends up coming home with me. i have a cup for every ocassion. so here is a quick list of all the major players in the vinatage drinking glass world: culver, libbey, federal, and couroc. couroc glasses are usually marked with the couroc name on the front of the glass. couroc is also famous for their bakelite trays. read more here about the trays. a cool history... couroc
the other brands are usually unmarked unless you find a set in its original box. here is quick read on the history of promotional glasses... read about collecting vintage glasses
a quick way to get started is on ebay. Look here... vintage drinking glasses on ebay
here are a few sets that were listed on ebay...

in any case, a girl can never have too many vintage drinking glasses. my vintage drinking glasses sit in my display cabinet just as my vintage ferragamos sit in my closet anxiously waiting to be used/worn for the perfect occasion.

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